Launching a dream...

Launching a dream...

As someone whose weight spanned every size :) two things I've come to love are shoes and bags because no matter what size you are, they can make you look and feel fabulous! Handbags are my absolute favorite, a beautiful bag makes me feel super confident and can add that little something-something to make an outfit pop.

Unfortunately, the handbags we all covet are way out of our price range, and while I don't mind spending on a gorgeous bag, I refuse to part with the small fortune some cost. Thanks to technology, the global village offers online shopping and access to all the designer labels we love, but thanks to hefty import duties, we pay up to 45% on top of any sale price...sad, I know! 

That is why I decided to launch this venture. I want to produce the style and quality of bags I love that are not readily available here, and offer them at a value-for-money price (think Woolworths versus MRP). At the same time, I hope to help local leather artisans and do my small part to contribute and give back to my economy and community. All items will be proudly made in Cape Town (South Africa) and I really hope you all love what we do. N xxx 

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