Product Care

All VERGO Designs products are made with high quality materials. Please refer to each item’s individual care tag for specific care instructions.

For advice on general maintenance and care, the best option is to take your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop. To care for the bag at home, you can find commercial products in pharmacies to clean and polish the leather.

Our leather bags are designed to wear beautifully over time. It will not remain pristine and sleek, and although scratching will occur, we do not view these marks as defects. It is completely natural, meaning it is naked, with no synthetic top finishes. The surface of the leather will change over time, and exposure to water will create spots. While we recommend avoiding rain, the feel created by daily wear-and-tear is meant to change and evolve over time. Natural colors like tan and nude will slowly darken over time due to exposure to the sun.

Although leather is recognized for its longevity, it is still prone to occasional scratching if not handled with proper care.  We recommend occasionally treating this leather with a leather conditioner, which will help keep it hydrated.  To prevent the leather from developing marks, we recommend avoiding exposure to abrasive surfaces and taking care to store the item properly in its dust bag when not in use. For lighter colors we recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as the leather could be subject to color transfer or stains.