Mini Tote Sneak Peak

Mini Tote Sneak Peak

One of the big handbag trends this season is...well...small. :)

Although I love looking at the mini and micro bags held by the celebrities posted all over Instagram, I'm a-large-tote-who-puts-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink-in-her-bag kinda girl. I am after all a working mom, so in essence have two full time jobs! This requires a laptop, phone, power bank, large wallet, makeup bag, hand wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, gum...and whatever else is required on demand. So I love the VERGO Designs large leather tote as an everyday work bag.

Yet, I just couldn't get rid of the thought of a simple little handbag that makes a statement. And so the VERGO Designs mini tote was born. This piece has our signature laid back, yet sophisticated with a “less-is-more” feel.

Although this is not a micro bag the size of a first generation iPhone, it will definitely require some serious decluttering. Whilst it was a challenge for me at first, I am now finding it quite refreshing to only have space for what I need, and not having the option to shove unnecessary stuff in my bag for just in case I may need it.

This handbag is ideal for special events or dressed down with a pair of jeans or a sun dress for a casual day out. Alternatively, if you pack light on the daily, then this is the perfect little hold it for you.

Either way, you will stand out from the rest with this exclusive, beautiful and luxurious little number. As always, proudly handmade in South Africa using only the best full grain leather.

N xxx

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