Update on the journey so far...

Make some handbags, I said...

How difficult can it be, I thought...

Why has no one else in Cape Town tried this before, I wondered...

Wow guys, what a journey this has been thus far. You know, I have been through several ups and downs in both my career and personal life, so I kinda know about facing and dealing with adversity and challenges. But try making a leather handbag according to specific design specifications...WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! The simpler the design, the more accurate and perfect the workmanship must be. I had NO idea how incredibly difficult it would be to get local artisans to make what I thought was a simple construction.

Several (as in 17) iterations and a lot of back and forth later, we have FINALLY signed off the prototype for the large tote. My perfectionist and impatient nature almost caused the failure of this project. So if there is only a single lesson I take from this first experience, it is to learn to be patient.

Thank you to everyone who kept checking in on how we are doing and for your kind words of encouragement. We are slowly (but surely) moving forward, even if it feels (to me anyway) like one painful millimeter at a time! :)

Please continue on our journey with us, we really appreciate your support.

Yours in patience,

N xxx

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